Mini-Me: Our Favourite Twinning Outfits To Match Your Kids

From the school run to the grocery store, our kids are our biggest fans and, whether they show it or not, they are watching everything we do. Ever found your little one mimicking your every move, or caught them red handed rifling through your makeup bag? As well as being somewhat complimentary, this is actually part of their learning and development - parent and caregiver behaviour can provide powerful lessons for their developing minds. What better way to indulge this adoration than to step out in a matching ensemble? 

We’ve seen it from the likes of Kim Kardashian and even Beyonce - the mini-me fashion trend is taking the parenting world by storm. And it’s not just on social media that the trend is growing in popularity. Many high end designers are adapting their collections and creating mini versions of their own much loved designs. 

Twinning with your kids will not only be fun for them - it can prove to be great fun for you too, providing a way to bond with your little ones and bring you closer together. Here at Hari And The Gang, we are all about this happy trend and love seeing our customers embrace this style by teaming up with their youngsters to create the perfect pair. Take a look below for our favourite matching styles you can get hold of here at Hari & The Gang.

Embrace The Rainbow!

One of our best-selling ranges, the rainbow is a staple in our wardrobes - and for good reason. Not only does it brighten up any rainy day, but the rainbow has also become a sign of hope and thankfulness in 2020. All the more reason to embrace it! Here’s how:


Rainbow Tee


The Rainbow Tee is lightweight, stylish and you’ll want to wear it all summer long! With versatile sleeves that you can roll up or down, this classic piece is so easy to style and will look great with any outfit - no matter how old you are!

Rainbow Hoodie

Customer Jill M. and her little ones sporting our Rainbow Hoodies.

And rainbows definitely aren’t off the cards on colder days - our Rainbow Hoodie is the perfect way to keep all the family covered up. With kangaroo pockets present on both styles, the only difference on the kiddie design is the lack of drawcords. Safety over style - always!

Rainbow Baby Grow

Get them in the matching mood right from the get go. Our Rainbow Baby Vest is super soft and super cute! With a colourful embroidered rainbow and a gender neutral style, it’s perfect for that subtle twinning touch.

Make a statement with the Hello Hoodie!

The ultimate statement sweater that will keep you cosy too - our Hello Hoodie comes in a range of colourful styles. Colour-match your hoodies to leave people seeing double, or let the slogan speak for itself as you each choose your favourite combination of colours. You can find the complete Hello collection right here.


Hello Hoodie

Customer Rebecca M. and her son in matching Hello Hoodies.

The children’s design, just like our rainbow hoodie, comes complete with a kangaroo pocket and no drawstrings. The adult option is available as hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts too, so you can find one that’s right for you. 

Make it your own.

Channel those cheesy family photo shoots and go for full on matching outfits, or keep it a little more understated and let your kids add their own little flair. Another great way to enjoy this trend is to take it turns to pick an outfit - let your little one choose the outfit one day, and you take the lead the next. There are endless possibilities to this cool craze and if you do give it a go, let us know and tag us on Instagram!