Our Story

Our gang is growing! Midlifers, millennials, mums, models - we love welcoming new people into the Hari And The Gang family. Sharing faces and stories on Instagram, connecting with our customers, and creating new designs are a big part of what keeps our cogs turning. We love getting to know you, so we thought that you might like to know us a little better too! We’ll start by putting a name to our virtual faces. We are Sonia and Kul, and we have four boys - Cohen, Josh, Milan and - (can you guess?) - Hari! Now you know exactly where we found the inspiration for our name… 

Small beginnings.

Hari And The Gang began back in 2014, and our original focus was on children’s clothing. Having four boys ourselves, we wanted to design cool clothing for kids that had a personal element too - this wasn’t available on the market at the time. Proving to be a success, it wasn’t long before we started receiving requests from mums for personalised sweatshirts they could wear themselves. So began our journey into womenswear - and we have never looked back! Starting with just a few different styles, it was our hoodies that became a firm favourite, especially in the Instagram community. From just a small bedroom in our home, we have now moved for the third time into a 3000 foot warehouse!

Why we love it.

Having a busy working life can be rewarding for a season or two, but as our family grew, so did a desire to change our working habits. Kul had been working for a high street bank and was gone during the day from 7.30 am until 6 pm. This left the school runs up to me, as well as the after school activities. It was non-stop. Kul and I wanted to do things together, including seeing the boys grow up. So we decided to work for ourselves! Today, we do all of the school runs together and Kul gets to do all of the after school activities too. Spreading this workload helped us to build our business which we absolutely love. Working for ourselves, on our own terms, is something really special, and we have an amazing team of people working with us. We love creating new designs - it is something new for the both of us and we have fun designing and learning everyday!

Happy hoodies for happy people.

Our strapline is “inspired by happiness”. One of our greatest joys of running Hari And The Gang is seeing our clothes bring this happiness to everyone who wears them. We know that our clothing makes people feel good about themselves because they share their stories with us and often leave us some amazing, heartfelt feedback. Hari And The Gang is not just a clothing store - we are a community of people, spreading a little bit of happiness one day at a time and sharing that happiness together.

Casual, colourful clothing for the modern woman - throw it on to watch the boys play football in the cold, keep cosy in it on the beach, and make those shopping trips a little more funky. Wherever you choose to wear your Hari And The Gang, we hope you can feel a little bit of joy knowing that you are part of the community and that you are making a difference. Not only to us, but you’re making the world around you smile too! 

So why not join the gang - we’d love to have you! @hariandthegang