Cocktails & Mocktails: 5 Summer Tipples for you (and your kids!)

School’s out and the summer has officially begun! After a crazy few months and a strange start to the year, it’s safe to say that we all deserve to enjoy our summer. Many of us will be holidaying at home and what better way to enjoy the sunshine than with cool, refreshing drinks for all the family. Kids love to match their mums, so next time you reach for your favourite cocktail, why not make a child-friendly treat for them too?

We’ve compiled five of our favourite children’s mocktails (found on BBC Good Food) and their adult cocktail counterparts, so you can both enjoy a tipple you love this season.

1. A Refreshing Mint Medley

No picnic is complete without a fresh minty drink to wash down the nibbles, and we’ve found the perfect combo to fill up your glasses and satisfy your taste buds. 

Mint Medley

For the little ones: Apple, Elderflower & Mint Sparkle is a sweet punch with delicate, fruity flavours, combining apple juice, elderflower cordial and sparkling water. Not only will it quench their thirst, it will make them feel grown up too. Find the ingredients and method right here.

For mum: The classic Mojito also uses mint and soda water to create a refreshing drink, and with zesty lime, sugar and a dash of white rum, you'll turn this refresher into a tasty treat too. Try it yourself - here’s the recipe.


2. Wonderful Watermelon

What says summer better than watermelon? You’ll likely enjoy a lot of it sliced up and served on a plate, but have you thought about using it in your summery drinks too? 

Wonderful Watermelon

For the little ones: Watermelon lemonade is a sweet, citrussy delight that can be served in a cup or even a hollowed out watermelon (which your kids will love). You’ll need lemons, limes, mint, sugar, soda water, ice and watermelons - here’s how to make it.

For mum: An adult take on this refreshing watermelon drink - try a Watermelon Gin Spritzer. With just tonic water, gin, lime and watermelon, it’s just as simple as it is delicious! Try it here.


3. All about the berries

Got a lot of leftover berries that need using up? These fruity numbers are the perfect way to do so, as well as being a very tasty way to get some of your five a day. 


For the little ones: Grab some frozen berries, lemon, soda water, ice cubes and sweet syrup - wizz them in the blender and you’ll have the perfect Berry Lemonade Slushies. They’re a great way to help cool down on a warm summer's day - here’s the link.

For mum: A glass of sangria is a great, fruit filled punch that will perfectly complement your kid’s berry slushies - this is how to make it.


4. Time for Tea

A summery take on the British classic, iced tea is a summer afternoon go-to. This sophisticated cooler is great to share with your kids too.

Iced Tea

For the little ones: Make a classic iced tea with tea bags, sugar and a selection of citrus fruits, and keep it sweet enough for little taste buds to enjoy. Here’s a simple recipe.

For mum: Pink Gin Iced Tea uses chamomile tea, amongst other tempting flavours, to create something special for your taste buds that you’ll come back to time and again. Head here for the full ingredients.


5. Strawberry Delights

Another delicious slushie drink for both adults and children. Everyone loves a strawberry and  these strawberry infused coolers will prove to be a real hit.

Strawberry Delights

For the little ones: This Watermelon & Strawberry Slushie once again uses watermelon to bring the drink to life, this time with the added sweetness of strawberries to make it perfect. You’ll only need watermelon, strawberries and lime - here’s how to make it.

For mum: A Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri is the perfect adult slushie - just wizz up the four ingredients in a blender to treat yourself to this sweet and sophisticated beverage. Try the recipe here.


Add some sweetness into your summer by giving these mocktails and cocktails a go. If you do, we’d love to see! Tag us - @hariandthegang - in your creations as you sit, sip and enjoy your new favourite summer tipples.