How to Embrace Your Bump and ROCK Maternity Style

Congratulations! You’re having a baby. Whether you’ve been trying for years or this is a welcome surprise, you’re probably spending a lot of these early days wondering what’s in store over the coming months as you get ready to welcome your baby. A lot of things will change - your daily routine, for one - but what about your clothes? When it comes to a maternity wardrobe, comfier is always better as your beautiful bump grows. But this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Here are our tips on how to fully embrace your pregnant body and rock your maternity style.

Early days.

Not quite ready for the world to know your happy news? You can keep the beginnings of your bump under wraps for a little longer by opting for loose fitting clothing and busy patterns to distract suspicious friends from spotting your belly. If you’re feeling the heat, floaty dresses will be your best friend. When the weather gets cooler, covering up in layers will be the way to go - a hoodie will make the perfect disguise!

Don’t wait for maternity jeans.

If you’re one for saving pennies, you might be planning to hold off on buying maternity bottoms until that button on your jeans can’t possibly be stretched any further. Don’t wait until then! You’ll thank yourself for investing in a good pair of maternity jeans sooner rather than later. They will make your whole pregnancy a lot more comfortable (and you’ll be tempted to live in them afterwards too!) 

Living in leggings.

Love loungewear? There’s no shame in enjoying slouchy clothing - and if being pregnant isn’t a good enough excuse, we don’t know what is. Upper legs are where a lot of mums put on pregnancy weight, so having clothes that stretch as your body grows is essential. Luckily, leggings are super simple to style. Pairing them with an oversized shirt or jumper dress when you're out and about will keep you feeling comfy and looking cool.

Size up.

As your bump grows, you don’t have to ditch your favourite T-shirt styles. Find your favourites and go a few sizes up so your belly has plenty of room as your baby develops. The best part? You can wear them after the birth too - the oversized trend isn’t going out of style anytime soon. If you want to frame your bump even more, invest in a special maternity tee as they are designed to hug your bump and highlight your frame so you can really show off your new figure. 

Create an Empire Waist.

The empire waist style is fitted until just below your bust, where it then effortlessly flows over your shape. This style is always a good idea, especially during pregnancy. Having a band sit comfortably beneath your bust will fully highlight your bump and prove to be super comfy. You can easily create an empire waist over any dress with a T-shirt over the top. Simply tie a knot just below your bust and you’ll instantly create a cool and casual look that beautifully shows off your bump.

Fabulous Flats.

If you’re a heel lover, you might want to think twice about donning those sky-high stilettos during pregnancy. Take the opportunity to up your flats game. From trainers to sandals and everything in between - you’ll want to be living in your flat shoes that won’t make your feet sore. If you really can’t live without a bit of height, opt for wedges as they will provide you with increased stability as well as comfort.

It’s your style - have fun with it!

Whether you choose to stick with your pre-pregnancy style or try out something new - your maternity style is YOURS. The best way you can rock it? Be yourself, find what makes you happy, and embrace this precious time in your life. After all, a happy mum will lead to a happy baby, and your smile will be the best accessory you can wear.


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